I’m writing this on Monday in the middle of the day.  Why? Because apparently last night someone decided that all schools will be closed temporarily. The news reported that it’s to lower the chance of infection. What kind of infection? You might ask. Well, they aren’t bloody saying! What they have told us is that the the travel ban and the closing of the schools is related to the an unknown sickness. It has heart attack-like symptoms, but they don’t know how it spreads or much else about it. It’s good that they’ve finally confirmed my belief that the two are related, but I was hoping to know. It’s a really terrifying situation, and they really haven’t given us much more information than we could figure out on our own.
Alex made a post on Facebook last night, which was also quite disturbing. I’m just going to copy and paste it here because it’s a side of the situation that I haven’t been able to see down here in rural Japan. I’m sure he won’t mind.
Just a heads up, the bar will be closed tonight and probably tomorrow as well. I’ll post again tomorrow afternoon to make sure.
Can’t seem to get any juices and a lot of alcohol is unavailable as well. As soon as I can get resupplied, we’ll have a big party so keep your eyes peeled for it!
On a related note, has anyone else noticed how weird people are acting because of the ban?
Yesterday on the news there was a story about what basically looked like a small riot at Osaka Station. Today, no mention of it at all. The entire station was shut down because of it and today just… nothing?
Not only that, on my way home just now I saw two incidents that kind of raised my eyebrows. First, a guy getting thrown out of an izakaya. Now, normally this would not be a big deal for me but there was just something about this particular exchange that stuck. The guy might have been drunk – I don’t know – but he was absolutely screaming. Not shouting, not yelling or being tough but full-on glass-shattering screaming. He started running around in little circles while the waiter kept politely asking him to leave and ushering him away from the door. I didn’t stick around to keep watching, and I would have probably not even mentioned it except for not two minutes later I saw a group of police officers arresting two guys who were in the middle of the street. The cops were trying to hold them apart, so I’m assuming it was a fight, but the thing that got me was that they too were screaming bloody murder.
What are the odds of that? Two separate incidents only a few minutes apart of grown-ass dudes acting super violent and screaming like little girls when only yesterday one of the busiest train stations in the world had to get shut down because of a goddamn riot.
This ban needs to end, what the hell.

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