Last night around 4:00 in the morning I was woken up by some huge thumps on the door. I got up and had a look through the security camera and there was a middle aged woman absolutely pounding the door. It’s hard to see in the photo, but her hands were bleeding and she was screaming and flailing about. At first I thought she was in trouble and was going to open the door, but there was something about almost psychotic behavior that stopped me. It was as if she was in fight or flight mode and running on pure adrenaline. I tried to talk to her, but this only seemed to aggregate her more. She started charging at the door with her shoulder with full force, but didn’t seem to feel any pain.

I called the police, but there was no answer. Given how rural the area is, there are only a small handful of police officers in the town. After about an hour of pounding the door, which luckily held up, something seemed to grab her attention and she turned and ran off down the stairs. The hurried footstep echoed in my apartment, and although I was obviously relieved, I’m pretty shook up about it. Is it safe to go outside? I have enough food and water to stay here for a little while, but I didn’t really take it seriously enough when I was stocking up and I’ve probably got more beer than water.

How many more people are like that? What would she have done if the door had broken? What would or could I have done if she had attacked me? I’ve spent the morning searching the news and whatever other sources I can find in both Japanese. I found one report that said that as a result of more and more people being arrested for violent behaviour, the prisons are having a hard time accommodating everyone. As they need to be held in isolation to ensure the safety of other prisoners, the jails are quickly running out of space.

I wish I’d taken a screenshot of the article though because when I went to share it on Facebook, I found that it had been removed. Not sure if it was because of incorrect information or because someone didn’t want that kind of information shared. It was the only information I was able to find about prisons online, so it’s really difficult to verify it’s authenticity. I’ll keep looking around though.

It’s been a few hours since the woman showed up this morning. I can’t see anyone on the streets through the windows, and still can’t get through to the police. I’m wondering if I should go out and have a look around. I’m going have to do it sometime, but should I take something to defend myself if someone like that comes at me or could that be provocative. There isn’t much here to use as a weapon, but it would make me feel a little more comfortable. I’ll have a think about it after lunch…


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