A lot of updates here, I know. I don’t really have a lot else to do though and the situation seems to be getting worse and worse. After an instant curry for lunch, I decided that I needed to get out into the world. I’ve been here for a year, but I really don’t know anyone. As I said before, it’s mostly old people and children who live in this town, and I don’t have contact details for anyone. I tried calling the local Town Office to see if they could give me any information, but again there was no answer. The only information I can get is from the windows over the veranda, which overlook a rice field. Not ideal.

I can’t stay in this room forever, so I decided to go out on my bike for a look around. Fresh in my mind though is the crazy woman who was banging on my door. Was that an isolated case? There did seem to be similar stuff happening up in Osaka, but who’s to know?

Just in case, I took my fishing knife with me discretely in my shoulder bag. I don’t think I could actually use it on someone, but I thought it could maybe be a deterrent if it came to that. I unlocked the front door, stuck my head out and inspected the damage the woman had done. It’s a heavy door, but there are dents up and down it, and it’s smeared in blood, which I assume is from her fists repeated bouncing off the metal.

I went down the one flight of stairs to my bike. It was completely quiet outside, with just a slight chill in the air of the early spring afternoon. That at least was normal. It’s always quiet here, but today it seemed quieter than usual.

Hiro bridgeI rode my bike past the local police station, but there are no cars outside and I couldn’t see anyone inside. The streets were completely deserted. No cars. No bikes. No one at all. It’s quite an eerie feeling to ride around a town and not see any sign of human life. I didn’t want stay out for too long, but I decided to at least check out a bit of neighbouring Yuasa, which is more populated than Hirogawa, but I didn’t see anyone. The supermarket was still closed, and all over the shutters over the shops were down. I can only assume that there are people tucked away inside. At the very least, I hope there are still people there.

As I started on my way back to my apartment, I noticed a crowbar propped up against a garage. I’ve decided that if it’s still there tomorrow, I might go back and get it. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, and I don’t want to steal something that people are actually using, but if it’s just going to sit there and rust, I guess I don’t see the harm.

No much to do this evening. I guess it’ll just be more movies and searching the web for any news I can find that isn’t just a rehash of old articles.



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