I’ve been keeping the curtains closed and trying to keep the lights low during the night for the past few days. I don’t know why, but it just seemed like a good idea and a small precaution to make after the woman came to my door. I hadn’t really thought about it, but maybe it’d be a good idea to go out for a walk sometime in the evening to see which houses have lights on. I could go say hi or at the very least get an idea of how many people are still actually here. I’ve been thinking about it a bit, and I think I will go and visit the neighbour today. I’m frustrated about not knowing what is going on. The news from within Japan has pretty much dried up, and from outside Japan it’s all speculation.

I was a bit nervous about leaving the apartment, but this morning I used my newly procured crowbar to break into a vending machine… I know it’s not good, and I will say here that I’m happy to reimburse the owner, but I’m a little worried about how long the water is going to stay on. This is especially true because it seems the gas is out. Maybe it’s just temporary, but I don’t seem to have hot water anymore. I managed to get a small haul of soft drinks, bottled tea and lukewarm cans of coffee, which I carried up to my apartment.

It’s been a while since I heard from Alex, so I was a bit worried about him. It was really good to see that he’s alright, but at the same time it sounds like things are a lot worse up there… I don’t know what to make of it all, but it seems some people who get sick go crazy, while others just die. Here’s a photo he shared on Facebook and his post:

If you’re still in the city, it’s time to get out. I’m still not 100% sure what is going on but here’s what we know so far:
This is a pathogen of some sort. We don’t know how it’s transmitted.
The import and travel ban is somehow related to it. I’m imagining it’s meant to keep it from getting out, seeing as how they still won’t let anything in. The rash of heart attacks has been caused by this disease or whatever it is as well. Old people are dropping like flies and from what I hear it’s starting to happen to young people as well.
Infected people act erratically, and often violently. Avoid anyone who looks like they’re agitated or frantic.
As far as the riots go, I’m not sure if they’re a combination of lack of food and necessities, this sickness, or just general panic. Namba Parks yesterday was basically a full-on war-zone yesterday and yet nothing on the news. The big blue tarp that’s at the bottom of the stairs, next to Namba City? There’s bodies under it.
If you didn’t stock up on food and water, contact your embassy. If they can’t help, try to make a break for the country side any way you can. And most importantly: If anyone starts to chase you or run at you, just run. Don’t look, just run from them.

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