I really don’t know what the consequences of this are going to be, but if I don’t start getting ready to get out into the world, it might end up being too late. I had the idea when I was biking around the wharf and past a k-tora (‘kei’ meaning light and ‘tora’ short for truck) that I always see there. I don’t know why, but I decided to park up next to it and have a look inside. There was pack of cigarettes and a pack of sushi that had most definitely past it’s best. More importantly though, the keys were sitting there on the dashboard.

Don’t know what came over me, but I just opened the door, got in and started the engine. I probably shouldn’t be writing this on the internet for all to see, but I will definitely, definitely bring it back. It’s just not doing anyone any good sitting there, and it’s too dangerous to be relying on my bike all the time.

I’ll admit, I did take a photo of myself in it… I’ve wanted to try driving one of these for a long time. They are so common around Wakayama because they are 4 wheel drive and great for navigating the small mountain roads between the mandarin fields. There were still a few crates of mandarins in the back, and after throwing out the ones that had gone bad, I drove it back to my place. There was a local band’s album in the MD player called Muley. I brought the mandarins inside, and am now thinking about how best to use it for scavenging.

Same images of the Prime Minister in every report… Usually with a clip of him saying everything is under control…

There’s finally been a new report in an English Japanese newspaper. It said that the army is now stepping up efforts to collect sick and violent people, as well as bodies. There wasn’t a lot more detail than that, and it sounds like it came from an eye witness, rather than a government source. I wonder what’s going to happen to the people they take in… The number is just too big, and unless they have a cure for whatever it is making people act aggressively, there are only so many people like that you can put in one place.

In the evening I drove around to see how many lights were on. I thought that maybe it would be an indication of other survivors (for want of a better word). Hirogawa is a quiet, barely populated place anyway, but other than a few street lights, I found nothing.


When I got back, I had an email from Alex and a photo of downtown Osaka. I’ve never seen it so empty there… I guess it’s heading the way of Hirogawa. He might come down here, which would be amazing. I really need some company! Please share this blog, so that everyone can stay informed and I can also hopefully connect with anyone else in the area…

Hey bud,
Sorry I haven’t written you sooner. Been a bit busy… The bar is closed until further notice.
Things are starting to get hectic here. I think I might be wanting to take a vacation from Osaka for a bit… Wakayama is sounding better by the minute.
I’m not sure how things are down there, but up here it’s starting to get really scary.
There was an incident at the shopping center nearby yesterday. From what my friend told me, at least a dozen people died. Nothing on the news, but when I went by earlier there was a huge tarp covering the bodies and a group of Self Defence Force (SDF) soldiers blocking the area off.
The trains are all shut down, almost everywhere is closed. There was a riot on the streets a few days back to protest the lack of information but the SDF just dispersed it. No sign of any American troops, however.
Anyways, as soon as I heard about the travel ban I went to Costco and stocked up on a lot of stuff. I’m thinking about loading up the car and heading down your way. You up to do some camping?

– Alex


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