I’m updating this while I wait for Alex outside the Hirogawa station. No trains have come by for days, but in the few hours that I’ve been waiting in the carpark, I’ve actually heard a few cars in the distance. I don’t usually come around here, but it’s close to the main road that leads up to Osaka and down to Shirahama. Maybe there are some other people that have managed to get out of the city. My nerves are a little frayed and I’m quite jumpy. Every noise could be Alex or it could be one of the infected. img_3372

There was one car that drove past where I’m sitting. When I heard it, I got out of the truck and waved, but the red Corolla with an Osaka number plate just sped up and went around me. I understand it’s hard to know who has been infected and who is a survivor, but it did make me feel a little sad. With everything the way it is, it would be good if we could stick together.

That was about an hour ago. I haven’t heard from Alex in a while, so it’s hard to know how long to wait. I had a little poke around in a burnt out cafe in front of the station, but it had either already been cleared out or hadn’t had much in the first place.


I’m still checking the news everyday on my phone, but I start to wonder what the point is. There seems to be more about North Korea’s increasingly aggressive actions than the disaster and humanitarian crisis occurring here.

The only music that was in the car, an MD by Muley is starting to get a little tiring, so I’m hoping I can find some other music soon. I also hope he has something we can use to crack open vending machines because there are so many around! There are a few by the station that look pretty tempting, but I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

img_3380Last night there was more screaming, and I’ve heard it a bit today as I wait, but I haven’t been approached since that evening with my neighbour. It’s mostly sounded quite distant, but it does act as a reminder that danger is ever-present and it does seem like it’s increasing.

I get messages from time to time about whether this is actually happening. I definitely understand how people feel, and it’s hard enough for me to believe it! As you probably know, there isn’t a lot of information available online. I’m trying to remedy that with the limited understanding I have, but the hugely inadequate coverage, censorship and lack of international response is exactly why it’s important to SHARE THIS BLOG and anything else you can find on the situation. I have less information than those in the cities, but I’m going to continue to do what I can to keep people informed. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for not forgetting about us here in Japan. I hope Alex shows up soon…



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