img_3362Alex is perfectly comfortable with breaking a window or kicking down a door, which is quite different to my approach to checking houses and shops, but as a result we managed to get a lot done. We also found a bunch of medical supplies in the Inamura-no-Hi tsunami information centre, as well as some rope, packages of dried food, blankets, candles and big bottles of water. It was obvious that someone had already gone through the supplies, but there was still quite a bit left.

However, while we were there we did find the remains of three skeletons. Alex didn’t give them more than a passing glance, but I was shocked. These people’s flesh had been ripped away, and there were bite marks indented on some of the bones. One of skeletons lay about three metres away from the others, but they were all strewn across the same dried puddle of blood caking the carpet. I don’t know what they went through, but I felt sad for them. I was going to take a photo, but Alex gestured for me not to.img_3381

We didn’t exchange any words for the next hour, as we left the centre and visited several other houses. It’s not a crowbar, but I found a pretty sturdy knife in a garage. I  finally broke our silence by saying, “I might try to stick this to the end of a pole or broomstick. Then I won’t have to get too close.” He said it would only make sense to do that if it was a pointed knife and that I wouldn’t get enough power swinging it on a stick to do much damage. I guess that makes sense. I’m just not used to thinking about things that way.

After leaving the last house, we saw a crab scuttling across the street, and decided to see if we could find more. We drove down to the beach, and I led Alex to a spot on the Hirogawa coast where there’s a big boulder in the sea. You can swim out to it, climb up one side quite easily and then jump into the sea. Alex couldn’t believe I wanted to do that, especially after seeing the three skeletons, but I managed to convince him to take a little bit of time to relax and enjoy himself. That’s me diving in the top photo. We ended up spending a good hour or so, and I think it was good way to wash away a bit of tension. Crab 2On the way back, we found a few more crabs down by the water, boiled them up at home and had a really great meal.

Alex is a bit of stickler about keeping the SUV ready to leave at a moments notice, so as soon as we finished eating, we transferred a few things to his car. I lost the cover for the back of the truck when the students were robbing me, so we’ll try to find a new one tomorrow and then stock up my truck as well.


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