I’m writing this from the road. Has not been a good day at all. We haven’t really planned where we’re going. Only have Alex’s car. Heading south to see how things are in Gobo, but might have to continue down to Tanabe. I think thats what we’ll do anyway. I just don’t know at the moment.

After I posted the blog, we were sitting at home and Alex was telling me about the NFL. Huge thump on the door. We froze, but it was quickly followed by another series. Quick as a flash, Alex was on his feet and had his baseball bat with several long nails through it in his hand.

The pounding continued. “That’s way too strong. That door’s not going to hold,”Alex said flatly.

I didn’t say anything, but jumped up and turned on the screen of the security camera in the door. I could see two men and a woman using their shoulders to charge at the door. Their screaming was so loud it felt like they were in the same room.


img_3384The third time I heard the wood splinter a little. Alex moved towards the door and the screaming grew louder. “We can go this way,” I shouted and flung open the screen door of the veranda. It was too high to jump, but just over the fence there were two drainpipes leading to the ground; one for my veranda and one for unoccupied apartment next door. As I token effort, I had identified it previously as one way to get out quickly. As I put my leg over the fence, I heard part of the door splinter again.

“Okay, hurry!” Alex shouted, and I lowered myself a little, then slid down. Alex was right behind me, still holding his bat. I had my knife tucked into my belt, but pulled it out again when I reached the ground. Behind us was the sound of the door smashing in. We ran around the corner of the building to the carpark at the front, and dove into Alex’s SUV.

We sped away between the rice fields towards the coast, leaving behind a lot of supplies, my computer and my truck. At least I still have my phone, and there’s a charger in the car. Alex drove cautiously along the narrow roads.

Through the silicon of the car, we heard more screaming. I looked around as we pasted the school, and saw where it was coming from. “Can you stop?” I asked.

“What? why?” Alex replied hurriedly, but slowed the car anyway

“Look!” I said, pointing over to the jungle gym. There were a crowd of people around the jungle gym. The students that mugged me were at the top, but several infected were climbing up after them at them. Right in front of us, the lanky student was grabbed by the leg, lost his balance and fell onto the bars. Hands pulled at him and one of the woman sunk her teeth into his face. Another student lay on the ground. I couldn’t see what the people hunched over him were doing, but the jungle gym was dripping with blood and the ground was splattered red. The three students remaining at the top noticed our car, and called out to us frantically.

“Holy shit,” I breathed. Alex could guess what I was going to say, and preempted it.

“It’s too late. We can’t help them.”

I looked at him in disbelief, then looked back at the jungle gym. There must have been about ten of the people ripping and biting at the students. There was no way we could stop all of them if they came at us. We’re still driving south now…

Broken car
Not a lot of other cars on the road. We saw this one with flat tyres, but didn’t see anyone around.

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