We made it down to Gobo in the middle of the night. It’s actually a bigger town than Hirogawa, which is a little worrying, but as we left in such a hurry, we’re hoping to get some more supplies. We’ll be heading further south soon, but at the moment we seem to be safe.

After arriving in Gobo, we drove around for a bit to see what what the damage was and also to scout out a place to take rest a little. I’m not looking forward to staying here too long. We’ve seen one person on the street who was cold to the touch, but there was nothing we could do for him. We couldn’t even cover him up, let alone give him a funeral of some sort.

As we were driving down into Gobo, people ran out at the car on three different occasions. Alex swerved hard to avoid them, and we were lucky there was no incoming traffic. Evidence of people fleeing south is all around. Most of the cars we’ve seen crashed on the side of the road have had Osaka or Hyogo number plates. I don’t know how much further south we’ll need to go to feel safe, but I’m not comfortable staying here too long. There seems to be more danger here than in Hirogawa. img_3386

When we arrived, we found this abandoned snack bar. In its heyday, it would have been an overpriced bar staffed by pretty girls who would pretend to like the mostly male img_0175customers. We went in for a quick look and found that there was an apartment out the back that had a big door. Although the place is unfurnished, it has tatami maps, which are soft enough to sleep on. The door is also lockable from the inside, so after we drove around for a while, we came back to rest a little and think over what to do next.

While we were out, we stopped into a tourist shop to get maps, and managed to find an unusual assortment of meat. I didn’t realise that people wer interested in eating these animals, but apparently you can. We took it all back to the car, and it seems we’re in for some new experiences. To be honest though, I would really prefer to just eat chicken or lamb or something, but some sort of mystery meat that contains 30% bear will have to do for now. Alex is actually pretty excited about it though. img_0108

img_1424-1I seem to have a small cut from sliding down drainpipe when we left my apartment. I didn’t notice it at the time, but it doesn’t hurt too much and it’s a small price to pay for getting out of there alive. Will take a little nap now, as we didn’t sleep last night. Alex thinks we should rotate guard shifts, but I’m worried we don’t know when we’ll next have a safe-ish chance to sleep and think we should go for it now. He looks like he’s about to dose off anyway, so I think I’ll win that one.

Here’s a quick update that he posted on Facebook. Mentions a few things I probably haven’t talked about, so I figured I’d just copy and paste it here:
Just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up and let you know I’m all good.
Made it down to Wakayama, met up with a friend.
Roads are a nightmare. Try to avoid towns, if possible.
It looks like as long as they have a target, they move in packs. Sometimes the packs are huge.
When they don’t have a target they seem to scatter… I think I saw some attacking each other, too… Hard to say though.
I don’t know why our phones and internet still work.
I have a feeling there’s something going on that we don’t know about and the fact that the power is on and communication is possible means that there has to be someone still in charge here.
Sound off if you’re okay.



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