We slept well last night. It was on the floor and there were Fish from Kobaa fair amount of insects around, but we’ve just been running on adrenaline so long, I guess it was time to crash. The shack doesn’t have much in it, but we did find an old fishing rod, some basic cooking utensils and some very old tea. We managed to kill time waiting to see if the
family will come back down by the river fishing. We actually managed to get quite a lot, so we’ll be cooking those up soon. If the family times it right, they might be able to get here for lunch. It’s a really beautiful area here, and we had another dip in the hot spring in the morning. It was so quiet at night, and the only thing we heard was the river.
I don’t have much else to say at the moment, but Alex has been talking to his mate, so I’ll let him report to you.
Alex again.
Spoke to an old friend serving in Korea right now. He told me they’re basically on red alert. He works in Air Defense and apparently they’ve been given orders to target anything entering the Korean ADIZ (Air-Defense Identification Zone) from Japanese airspace and to bring it down. He was vague, but it sounded like even military flights aren’t allowed in. I don’t know if that means they’re not flying over Japan anymore, or if everything here is still working, just quarantined. Down here in the sticks we haven’t seen anything in the skies, but I don’t know if that’s a product of our location or if it’s endemic of a larger issue.
It gets worse. Apparently, Chinese vessels have been camping off the coast of the Senkaku Islands (a chain of uninhabited islands claimed by both Japan and China). American warships are apparently keeping them from entering further, but the Chinese are claiming altruistic reasons for being there and are offering full assistance to the Japanese Government. My friend thinks that they’re using all of this chaos and confusion as a smokescreen to annex the islands while Japan is unable to respond. From him, it sounds like the US and China are one step away from armed conflict. If that happens, it would put a serious damper on the US Military’s ability to send aid or put troops on the ground. It would mean that any hope of rescue is further away than we think.
When I asked him what the cause of all this was, he couldn’t answer. He wouldn’t even speculate. That’s stressful, to say the least. He’s usually not so cryptic.

What do you make of that? I don’t know a lot about the politics of it all, but that sounds pretty scary to me, but also brings up more questions than it answers. What on earth are all of these countries doing?

Are the Chinese here to help us and being blocked by the Americans or are the Americans helping to protect Japan’s future interests? I haven’t heard anything about what any of the various governments or militaries are doing in the news for a while, so I have no idea what to think.

In the meantime, I think it’s time to start frying some fish and then get down to the hot spring for another soak. Life isn’t all bad at the moment…


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