Bugs2 This evening there were more insects around. We went out to the car to charge two more of the cellphone batteries, as there’s no power in the school either, and found it covered in insects. We are even more isolated than I was living in Hirogawa and especially for Alex, who has been living in Osaka all these years, its quite new. We spend a bit of time talking with the family today. Still haven’t had much of a chance to the woman, but I played with Risa on the swings for a while. She’s a good kid. She seems pretty confused by this new world, but doesn’t really understand the extent to which her life and the country has changed. Her parents have told her that it’s like a holiday, but I think she has definitely picked up on the tension around her. I think she was happy to spend time with someone who’s not her parents. We played tag for a while, she tried to teach me to ride a unicycle. I avoided the jungle gym though. Seeing it brought back memories of watching my own students torn down from the top by the group of infected.

UnicycleIn the evening we had a barbecue on one of the second floor verandas. The family don’t have a lot of food up here, so we cooked the rest of the canned bear and deer we found at the tourist shop. We’ll probably go down to the river tomorrow to try to get more fish. I’ll pass you over to Alex for a bit not though. He’s been talking to Taro.

Alex here. I spent the better part of the evening chatting with the husband, Taro. He tells me his brother and the rest of his family live near Shirahama in a country house. That’s where they were heading before they stopped here to rest. Apparently he spent some time in the Self-Defense Force as a young man as well, which explains his resourcefulness. We had a good chat about some of our experiences in the service. He seems to think that this has something to do with China and that this phenomenon isn’t natural. I told him about what my buddy had said, and he wasn’t surprised. Hard to know if that’s an informed opinion or just bias. Food for thought though…
It took some convincing, but we have agreed to join his family as traveling companions to help them reach the rest of his family. Given that Charlie and I don’t have any family here to worry about, it simply made sense that he’d be able to make use of us who are only out to save ourselves with no hindrances. I don’t mind taking on some extra responsibility on his behalf. If his home in Shirahama is what he says it is, then we should be in a good situation to help each other out in the long run.
We’re relatively well stocked in terms of rice, noodles, water and snacks. From here it shouldn’t be long. As long as there are no major incidents, we should be there within a couple of hours. So far we haven’t spotted any other people – sick or otherwise. I don’t know whether or not I feel comforted by that.

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