Okay, not a good morning. I was playing tag with Risa in the playground. The playground is bordered at the back by a hill, which has steps down the side. I was running backwards while Risa was chasing me and from the corner of eye I saw a movement. Coming down the terrace was someone running at full speed. My first reaction was to try togged a photo of him; my second reaction was terror. My knife was on the ground, as I hadn’t thought I’d need it up here. I rushed over to it and picked it up.

“Risa, inside!” I shouted.

She turned to where I was looking at the person coming down the hill, screamed and ran across the field. The man was coming at full speed towards me. Heart racing, I held my knife ready. I heard footstep behind me, too. I quickly looked back and saw Alex sprinting towards us; baseball bat in hand. He ran past me and as the man was about three metres away from me me, he swung the bat. There was a horrific thud as the bat hit the man’s skull, and the nail pierced the bone. He managed to stay upright for a while, snarling at us, then fell over.

“There’ll be more. We need to get out of here,” Alex shouted. I looked down at the body and nodded. We ran back inside just as the family were heading outside. Our backpacks were by the door, and we picked them up, just as we heard a crash at the other end of the corridor.

“They’re inside!” Taro exclaimed, eyes widening.

I looked back outside and saw about 8 of the infected between us and the cars. Where did they come from?!

There were too many to fight. I didn’t know who many were in the corridor, but the only exit we had was the driveway behind us. Both the unicycles and bicycles were by the entrance to the driveway. “Get the bikes!” I shouted and started to speed over to them. The family and Alex were right behind me. We’d left the bikes unlocked and jumped on. With the infected closing in behind us, we managed to get down the driveway  and around a corner. Hearts racing, we could the footsteps close behind us.

Slowly, we managed to make up more and more distance between us and the infected. They were fast and they seemed to be running on pure adrenaline, but we had the advantage of going downhill.

“We need to get away from the town. We should get into the forest,” Alex said.

“Why the forest?” Taro replied, breathlessly.

“They must’ve come with the cars we saw. We need to get away from everyone.”

No one had any better ideas and out pursuers were out of sight, so we veered down a side road and into a gap in the trees. The gap led to a small path, and as soon as we entered the forest, the world around us changed. We were suddenly biking along a bed of fallen leaves surrounded by lush greenery and beams of sunlight poking through the treetops. We continued along the path for about five minutes until we hit the first flight of stairs.

“It can’t be helped,” Alex said halfheartedly. “There’s no way we can carry the bikes up.”

“We could carry two up, couldn’t we?” I suggested.

The ramifications of that weren’t lost on anyone, apart from maybe Risa. If it came to it we wouldn’t have enough bikes for everyone to get away.

Alex conceded and we picked up his bike, while Taro and Ayako picked up her bike. Leaving the other three bikes behind, we set a reasonable pace up the steep stone stairs of the side of the mountain. We’re resting at the moment, but we’ll need to get a move on, so I’ll update this again later. I wouldn’t say we’re safe yet, but at least there’s no immediate sign of danger.


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