Around lunch time we had an amazing discovery. While walking along the track we stumbled across an old campsite. It’s pretty dilapidated in parts, and it must have been abandoned long before things got bad here. My guess is that it’s a result of the extravagance of the economic bubble in the 1980s, and subsequent burst. I’d say the fact that everything, including the chairs in the dining room and the cooking utensils in the kitchen are still here indicates someone did a runner.Abandoned restaurant

After a bit of a talk, we’ve decided to stay here for the night in the hope of getting a little more rest. There’s no sign of anyone else around, but we’ll be taking shifts to keep watch. Using chairs and tables we found in the dining hall, we were able to block up all but one of the doors of one of the rooms. We’ll be blocking up the last one from the inside when we go to bed. It means that if anyone does get in, we’ll be cornered, but I guess that’s a chance we have to take. It’s certainly a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a cave or walking through the night.

There’s no food here unfortunately, but we have found a few things that we can use. The three cooking knives we found were blunt, but we also found a sharpener and Alex has started to get them into working order. A pot we found should serve nicely when we want to heat up some of the limited instant food we still have. Other than that, there are a few sturdy bits of wood, which might make good clubs.
Camp ground 2.jpg

One of the things that I was really happy to find when I was rummaging about in a desk was a pencil and some paper. Just a few scraps, but I think I’m going to see if Risa wants to do some drawing with me. I think that would help her take her mind off things and it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to do anything artistic. She’s been holding up surprisingly well, but was so exhausted that she went to sleep as soon as we got here. She’s still sleeping now.

Ayako and Taro also seemed relieved to have found this place. It’s not pretty, but it is nice to be able to take a bit of a load off and take time to discuss what we’ll be doing from here. There’s only one area of the campsite that gets cellphone reception, so once I finish writing this I’ll go there to upload it. Alex and Taro are there at the moment trying to use maps to figure out the best way to go to Shirahama. I think they also want to try to find the quickest way to get to somewhere where we might find a car. There’s no way we’ll be walking to Shirahama, and with only two bikes, finding a car seems like the only option.


3 thoughts on “34. Camp site

  1. Hey jimmy!!! This sounds so terrifying! And confusing and unreal! Like a movie! Could you contact the nz ambassador or government for help! So much love to you and your friends Kia Kaha!!!

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