I started this blog to gather and share information on what is happening in Japan, so I really appreciate when people write in to tell me and everyone else about how they are holding up. Today I got a message from someone in Nagano. It was really interesting to hear about what he’s been up to. Way up in the mountains at a ski field, it img_3477seems that he and quite a few other people are living well off the various hotel’s stocks, as well as emergency supplies. Although there seem to have been a few attacks, and they’ve also had some sudden deaths, things seem to have settled down a little. He’s been reading the blog for a while now, and wanted to share that there are several older people who have not been effected in his camp, so it doesn’t seem like it it’s universal. He also believes that that the infection heightens some senses, while lowering others. From what he’s seen and the people he’s talked to, their consensus is that although they don’t seem to feel pain, their sense of smell, sight and hearing are higher than usual. I’d had my own suspicions about that, but it’s really good to get them confirmed. 

Their camp seems quite secure and given the situation we’re in now, I do wish we could be there, but that’s not likely to happen for a while. It seems like a beautiful place they’re staying in and although it’s a bit cold, having some access to food is great. Being able to ski or snowboard is a bonus that we really can’t fathom at the moment.

In contrast, we’re going to have to leave the small bit of safety and comfort we have here in search for food and other survivors. If we can get to Taro’s family home, that would be amazing. He still hasn’t been able to get in contact with them, but that could just mean they don’t have electricity or any number of other reasons, so we’re keeping our hopes high. Electricity seems to have gone for the most part, and we’re only able to use these cellphones because of external batteries that we charged with the car’s cellphone charger. Taro’s brother might just not have a car charger. As you will have realised, we do still have internet for a portion of the the day. Sometimes it’s only a couple of hours, but it’s better than nothing.

I was thinking about this a bit the other day, but I haven’t heard from my friends or family in New Zealand for a while. Hope you guys haven’t gotten bored of this whole thing or forgotten about us. If I’ve sent you a message, would you be able to reply to let me know you’ve got it? I actually haven’t had any international comments for a while, so anyone else, would you be able to let me know if you’re actually still able to see this? I’m not used to not getting contact from outside for this long…


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