I got a message from a group that have been following this blog today. Apparently they have camped out at a castle in Mie prefecture, which is on the opposite side of Wakayama on the Kii peninsula. It sounds like a really safe place to be. Just like in medieval Japan, the walls and gates keep out unwanted guests, and they have also amassed a small fleet of cars, in case  they need to leave in a hurry. Food is a problem in the short term, but they have started planting some vegetables within the castle grounds, in case they also need to worry about the long term.

At night, they sometimes see a light on in the distance. Not every night, but it comes on occasionally. As they try not to stray beyond the castle walls too often, they aren’t exactly sure who it is, and haven’t gone to investigate, but when they see it, they use their own lights to try to signal to the house. So far no one has come to see them at the castle, but the guy said he’s hoping to meet up with other survivors. It would be really nice to meet up with them. I really wouldn’t mind living in a castle right about now. I don’t think it’s actually that far from where we are. It could be something to think about once we’ve met up with Taro’s family and the SDF.

Mie castle woman

The other thing he mentioned was that they had actually managed to capture an infected person for a while. The woman had been in their group, and although her change was sudden, they were able to restrain her by locking her in an office. She pretty much destroyed the room in an attempt to get out, and she seemed to have pretty much limitless energy. At first they gave her food by using an electric saw to cut a small gap in the bottom of the door, and sliding it under. She ate furiously. They talked to her continuously through the door, but there was never any response other than shrieking and banging. As their supplies dwindled and her condition did not improve, they made the difficult decision to cut her off. After a few days, she started to slow down, and within a week she died. As far as they could tell, she had just starved.

That really put to rest the idea that these people are the undead, walkers, zombies or whatever immortal thing you can think of. They are alive and they do have basic human needs. They are still people, even if all discernible parts of their personality are gone and communication has become apparently impossible. Of course there are still lots of questions in my mind. Do they understand, but just can’t respond appropriately? How does this infection even get spread? The biggest question though is if there’s anything that can be done to cure them. I really hope someone is working away at that…


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