Lying on my cot now waiting for dinner. As I mentioned before, I go an email from the castle folks. They finally managed to track down the light that they had seen on and off in the evening. After going out the front gate, down the steep hill and following the narrow streets of the town, they arrived at the house.  When they called out the light went off, and there was no response from inside when they tried knocking.

I guess whoever is in there must know that the castle is occupied, and if they still haven’t tried to make contact, they probably aren’t looking for friends. It’s a shame, but now that they know where the house is, they can at least try to look out for them a little. Before leaving the house, the people that went down to check it out left a little chocolate and a bag of beans from a tree within the castle walls on the doorstep. They’ll go back in a few days to see if it’s been picked up and try knocking again. I do hope that whoever is inside has been getting outside unnoticed. I can’t imagine what kind of condition they would be in if they’ve just been stuck inside since this all started. It’s crazy to think how many houses we could have passed in our own journeys that secretly held people crouched inside, too scared to call out to us. We could’ve helped them, but they couldn’t have known that. I do try not to think about that kind of stuff too much. It makes me sad.

img_3568The castle people didn’t have a lot of other news. Their vegetable garden seems to be coming along well, and as they are spending more time beyond the walls of the castle, they are starting to find more and more things of use. They haven’t been able to bolster their numbers and help anyone else, but my guess is that food must be tighter than they are letting on, and more people does mean more pressure on supplies.  It was hard enough finding food for our small group, so hope their preparations for self-sufficiency go well.

A castle is a really great place to be, and I have to say I’m a little jealous there aren’t any castles in the southern end of Wakayama. If we had ben up the northern end, it would’ve been a different story. Still, the Kumano woods were amazing, and in the end we found this camp, so it’s all worked out well in the end. We know they have a helicopter here, and as we’re so close to the sea, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a boat. If what the government is saying about the lifting of the travel ban is true, it might not be long until we are out of here. I do worry what will happen to Risa and Ayako once we leave, but aye they can come with us and start a new life in New Zealand.

Sorry, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. I’m just excited about everything. It’s so good to feel safe, and in company. Dinner time in a few minutes, so I should probably get up and head over. I’ll let you know what information I can get soon. Take care!


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