People have been slow to approach us, and although Alex has taken the lead and has talked to some of the higher ups, I’ve spent most of my time with Risa and Ayako. They are nervous about talking to the other civilians here, and I don’t want to leave them for long.

The information Alex got from the commander was really interesting, and definitely helps us to understand the situation more, but it’s pretty scary. 3-5 million survivors… Before all this started, there were 127 million people here! I guess that was an estimate though, so it could be more than that. It could also be less though…

In addition to the SDF’s equipment, there were several emergency stores around the power station. These were set up for natural disasters, but I believe that’s where a lot of our food and supplies had been coming from. Japan is country of a lot of earthquakes and tsunami’s, so it’s not uncommon to see emergency supplies like this. 

At breakfast, I sat with Risa and Ayako, while Alex joined some of the SDF at their table. He’ll be going out on a patrol today with them. I had thought that maybe I’d be asked as well, but they haven’t assigned me any duties yet. I’m to spend another day here without much to do while they think about how best to utilise my limited skill set. I do wish I could help out more, but at the same time I’m quite happy to stay within the walls and the safety of the base.

After breakfast we went back to the room we’re sleeping in and got talking to a jittery woman from Shirahama, who has been there for a few weeks now. She didn’t seem to know anymore than us. She had been picked up by one of the patrols while she was out looking for food, and close to exhaustion. They brought her back here, let her rest and fed her. They didn’t tell her anything about what was happening, and other than light laundry duties, she hadn’t been given much to do. She said that they had been talking about training the civilians to do more for a while, but were yet to start. As we aren’t allowed to leave the base, she had asked the commander to find her elderly parents, who were still in Shirahama and waiting for her return. They had told her they would do it when they had time, but despite asking several times, they hadn’t sent anyone yet. The woman seemed distraught by the idea of her parents waiting for her return, and undoubtedly thinking she had been killed. At the same time, their own access to food must be all but gone. I told her I’d ask Alex to push the SDF to check on them, but as she said she’d been gone for weeks, I feared it was probably too late.

Today I really don’t have a lot to do. While I was talking to the woman, one of the SDF soldier’s came up to us and told me that I was to look after Ayako, Risa and the woman. I don’t really know what that means, since we are already safe and there’s nothing much to do, but I guess it just means they have nothing for me to do at the moment. My weedy, lanky build is not exactly the solider type, and I don’t understand as much of what the soldiers are saying as Alex does. I guess it’s a quiet day for me then, which unsurprisingly suits me fine.


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