I spent all of yesterday killing time with Ayako and Risa waiting for Alex to get back. As it started to get dark I got worried and I asked one of the guards about it. I’m not sure if Alex knew this or not, but the group he went out with isn’t due back for a few days. Surely he would have told me if he knew. I’d just assumed he’d be back in the evening. We only just arrived here after all. I’ve sent him a message, but he hasn’t replied yet and I can’t get through to him. On the phone. In the mountains and rural areas around here, there are plenty of areas that don’t get reception in the best of times, so I’m not too worried about the lack of reply. It just took me by surprise to hear that they won’t be back for a while. I’ve really started to depend on Alex a lot lately. Too much maybe.

Today I’ve spent the morning wandering around the base again. Ayako and I tried to get Risa to play with some other children, but she didn’t want to leave us. She clung to her mother’s arm and in the end I put her on my shoulders and the three of us went for a walk around the fence line of the power station.

Lunch was a simple affair consisting of powdered miso soup and rice. I wasn’t particularly hungry anyway.

This afternoon there was a report in the Japanese news that thousands of people had shown up to receive rations from a government centre in Tokyo. There was a strict assurance that such rationing was only a temporary step in the great push to revitalise Japan’s economy and get people back to work. The news didn’t detail where the rations had come from, but it’s difficult to believe that the food was produced domestically. There was no mention of the opening of airports and ports, or the the ban on all foreign transport and shipping. Either we missed something or the article isn’t telling the whole truth.

There was also a mention of the SDF’s movements. They are reportedly making efforts to detain and treat infected people, so anyone with symptoms should get in contact with them as soon as possible. I also found this a little confusing because I haven’t seen anything to indicate that our hosts are doing anything at all. Since arriving at their camp, we have seen people leave for patrols, but they never seem to come back with anything or anyone. Alex was told that they were going out to improve the safety of the camp and the surrounding area by disposing of bodies and ‘clearing out’ the infected.

With foreign news sites and social media down for the most part, it’s only these kinds of articles that get through to us. It was the same new sites that reported the initial travel ban would only last 3 days. Now they seem to be saying it was always going to be between 3 days and 6 months, I still don’t think I can believe half of what it says. At least the people hear can drop feed us more information, but I’ve become so cynical about all kinds of information, it’s hard to know what to believe. I do hope that some sort of independent body, unconnected to any government will be able to give us the real story sometime.


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