There was an earthquake this morning, which was a little scary. Growing up in New Zealand and living in Japan, you do get used to earthquakes, but there is always the fear that although it’s probably okay, it could be the big one. After the Christchurch earthquake that took everyone by shock, and of course the one up in Fukushima, there’s a part of me that gets a little worried. As it would happen, there was some shaking for a while, but it wasn’t too bad. I was out walking with Ayako and Risa at the time, and we just moved away from the buildings a little and out into the open. There’s not much more we could’ve done, but it we probably didn’t even need to do that.
I also got an email from Alex. It’s been a while since my last contact with him, and as I’m still out walking I’m just going to post his message here.
Hope you’re enjoying your nice, warm cot, fucker. Just kidding, hah.
Anyways, we’re in Kumano city in Mie right now. Well, just south of it, kind of closer to Miihama.
The roads are fucked. It’s like every person with a car tried to escape south from the main parts of the island. The outgoing lanes are like 90% clear but the incoming lanes are parking lots as far as you can see. Still, the fact that they gave me a gun makes me almost feel like I’m back in ‘Muricuh!
We’re staying at an abandoned capsule hotel right on the Kumano highway along the beach right now. Tomorrow we’re going to push in closer into the city.
There are still a lot of infected people here, let me tell you… and dude, it ain’t pretty.
They look like demons. They’re all gaunt and covered in dirt and dried blood and what-have-you. Most of them are wearing tattered rags or just nothing at all. Some of them still scream like hell when they spot you. A lot of them just hiss violently. We maintain silence while we’re patrolling to listen for it unless there’s contact. There’s been a lot of contact.
The strangest thing is watching a brown-skinned Japanese guy with black feet and hands try to run at you naked while rasping at you, but they’re so thin and malnourished that they’re just a shambling pile of bones.
At first they only gave me a six-shooter for “emergencies” but after, uh… “correcting” one of these kids on how to use a rifle they made me switch with him. He was just too high-strung. Got trigger happy. Wasted a lot of bullets.
The rest of the guys seem to have their shit together, though. Dunno when we’ll be back. I’ll try to message you again when I’ve got a minute. Try not to molest Ayako, yeah? Hah!
– Alex
Good to hear from him, but I’m sorry that he didn’t get much of a chance to rest before having to head out into the real world again. It’s so different to my life at the moment. We’re so removed from everything happening outside of the base, it’s actually easy to forget at times how bad things are. This email was a reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet.

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