Alex! Are you there? I tried messaging, but didn’t get a reply. Post here or message back and let me know where you are. I’m with Risa and Ayako. They’re safe. Get in touch when you can.

Sorry for the flustered post. Things are not good. We got away and up the side of the mountain next to the tunnel.

I couldn’t find anyone to tell about the water receding when I was over by the fence. I just grabbed Ayako and Risa’s hands and told them to run. We saw the tsunami crash over the fence from halfway up the mountain. I don’t know how big it was, but seeing a tsunami on TV doesn’t convey the power behind the water in the same way seeing it right before your eyes does. The water just effortlessly flowed over the walls surrounding the power station, bringing fishing boats and a large yacht with it. It was like the sea was a giant bathtub and someone that was too big for it got in. The water just rose up and over the land around it sweeping everything in its path away.

We could see people in the midst, but there was nothing we could do for them. We just stood on the side of the mountain watching in shock as our dreams of safety were washed away.

From the wreck of the yacht I could see people emerging. I don’t know what kind of condition they were in, but they seemed to be moving alright. In fact, I would say they were moving with an unnatural amount of energy. It’s hard to be sure, but everyone from the yacht was like that. I can’t say for sure, but they my guess is that they are infected. Even if we got to anyone, what could we do? So much death and destruction in such a short instance. We watched until the water started to dissipate a little, but it was dangerous to be so exposed. We couldn’t go down there. With the tsunami and the yacht full of potentially infected people, what could we do. I just watched. Frozen by the tragedy unfolding before us. Ayako wanted to find someone to bunk down for the night. I wanted to stay and help anyone I could. I would have if I didn’t have a responsibility for my companions, but after insisting we watch for a little while longer, I let her drag me img_3603off. I feel terrible for leaving them. I wish I could have helped, but it was too dangerous.
We followed a mountain pass up to an old path, and eventually found a house. I broke a window, climbed in and let the others in. It’s cold and damp, but at least it’s shelter. I did manage to find some rope in the garage, which might be useful for helping people somehow.. I will definitely go back tomorrow.

I don’t know exactly where we are, but Alex if you can find this house, we are bunked down here. I don’t know what to do next.

It’s above the tunnel. We went up the mountain to the left of it and then through a small village along the ridge. Please, if you can find us, come.

Japanese house


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