Did not have a restful night last night. It was good to inside when dark settled, but it was a small relief. In the morning we went back over to see if we could find any survivors at the base. I was looking down the side of the mountain to see if I could see anyone and trying to take a photo of the carnage beneath. The water has subsided a little, but there is debris everywhere, and I didn’t see any evidence of anyone moving in the areas where the base once was. I didn’t get a chance to look very long though.

As I was trying to line up some photos, a woman came clambering up a steep metal staircase to my side. I turned as I was taking the picture and got a blurry image of her before instinctively kicking out just as she started to scream. My kick must have landed just as she was raising one hand on the railing because she spun backwards and hung off the railing with one hand. I quickly pulled out the hammer I kept tucked in my belt, brought it down on the hand and kicked again. She fell backwards and after a long fall, crumpled on the concrete ground beneath.

img_3561My heart was pounding as I ran back to the abandoned house we were staying and told Ayako and Risa to get in the car. I didn’t bother taking my shoes off when I ran inside. We’d already broken a window to get inside anyway, but even in this kind of emergency, it did feel strange to run across tatami mats in shoes. Grabbing the keys from the hook by the door, they followed me without question and we jumped in the car. I backed out and turned to go down the crumbling road. In my rear view mirror I saw the woman from limping towards us behind three others sprinting in our direction.

The card sped forward and we bumped along the road fast enough for the figures to become smaller and smaller until they were just specks in the distance. We kept following the road without talking or even thinking about where we were going. I didn’t need to say anything. We were back to being desolate without food, supplies, Taro and now without Alex. We had a car, which was something, but only half a tank of petrol. The thing that weighed heaviest on me was the feeling that we’d lost hope. Until now we had always had a goal. The travel ban was supposed to blow over in a few days, we were going to stay with Taro’s family and then now the SDF base. it really seemed like out final destination, but safety and security we had was wiped out so quickly by the tsunami and is crawling with infected people from the boat that was swept in. Everyone is scattered. We have nowhere to go. I really don’t know what to do. All we can do at the moment is drive.



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