I don’t know what to do or where to go… We have been driving along the ridge. I have a terrible sense of direction as it is, but there are no major road signs up here. We’ve seen a few damaged houses, and one that had been knocked off its foundations. Ayako has no idea where to go, and I can’t think straight. We lost everything when the tsunami struck. Luckily there was a car at the house we stayed at and some old bottles. We ended up filling them up with some slightly dirty emergency water we found in a vat. It’s meant for forest fires, but what else can be do? I tried to avoid the leaves as much as possible, but I couldn’t do much more than that. We don’t have any food either, so we’re starting to get hungry. The boredom of the base already seems so long ago. img_3615

The only place I can think of going at the moment is Mie. We might be able to meet up with Alex and his SDF group if they’re still okay, and there’s also the possibility of getting up to Iga castle where people are camped out. I have no idea how to get there, and the lack of Google has meant we can’t use the Google maps any more. This car doesn’t have a navigation system in it, so all we can do is try to drive north until we find a sign for Mie.

Risa seems pretty shocked by it all. I’ve been trying to make conversation with her, but it’s not really working. She’s just sitting in the back seat staring out the window. It’s been too much for her. It’s bad enough for Ayako and I, but she’s so young. To be honest, I don’t really know what to talk to Ayako about either. It’s all been practical stuff. “Do you think we should try this road or keep going straight?” She doesn’t have any idea either, so  there’s not much she can say I guess.

The roads are a little rough around here. Even before all this happened, it would have only been farmers that would have used these roads. It’s not quite in the area that hikers come for the Kumano Kodo, so I’d say that’s why it’s less developed than some of the other areas around the bottom of the peninsula. 

I’m writing this as we stopped to pick some Japanese plums from a tree. It’s not an ideal meal, as although they are nice, they are really sour. You’d usually have one or two with some rice or make them into plum wine. Not eat handfuls of them like we’re doing now. That, washed down with the dirty emergent fire water makes for a pretty depressing meal.

Alex, if you’re reading this we’re heading for Mie. If you are still around Kumano City, then we’ll try to find you there. If not or if we don’t hear from you, we’ll head for Iga.


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