Charlie, Alex here.
I’m okay for now.
That wave came in quick. Are you still okay?
Where are you heading? The castle in Iga? I’m with the SDF guys, so we will go that way. We lost one in the initial flooding, but it sounds like it might have been worse back at the power station. Shinoda is with us though, and we still have two trucks. Keep off the main roads and stay on high ground. The low lying buildings have flooded out here and there are bodies washing out onto the streets. Some are still moving. Be careful where you step or where you drive. Thanks for the heads up about the power station. We debated going back there, but there really isn’t much we can do. We don’t have much in the way of supplies left, and there isn’t much we can do for anyone we find anyway. Seems everyone is on their own these days.
We’ve left the abandoned hotel and are heading inland to get away from the worst of it. Lots of infected are also heading into the high ground as well. I don’t know if it’s instinct or if they just know… Keep your eyes peeled. We’ve got enough supplies to last us about a week. Ammo is still plentiful but there’s no telling how fast we’ll go through it as we move.
We’re in an office building right now in Kumano City. I still find it a little eerie being in a hotel or office that is all set up for people that just won’t come. There aren’t many options for us as far as where we can go. The road ahead bottlenecks into a valley so once we’re moving I doubt we’re going to have much time to stop until we get through it. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from me for the next day or two. Just go to the castle, stay put and wait. The SDF guys have agreed to follow me. Shinoda says they have a contingency plan in place to get to an island somewhere as a regrouping and staging point should something happen. I told him once we can regroup with you and the girls at the castle we can call in for helicopters to pick us up as a group.
Hang tight buddy, we’re on our way.
Charlie here. Alex, so good to hear from you! We were really worried about you. I can’t believe how bad things have gotten. If the SDF can get us out, that would be amazing. I think we’re due a nice long holiday once we get through this. Once we get out of this country, you should come to New Zealand. I can’t wait until this isn’t our reality, and it’s just something we reminisce about over a few beers. If we can just get to the safety of the castle, things should be alright. We might bump into you on the way, but if not we’ll see you at Iga castle. Stay safe, man!

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