We slept in the car last night. There was nowhere around to sleep, and even though it’s getting warmer, sleeping under the stars didn’t seem so safe. Alex, really good to hear you’re doing alright! We are heading to Iga castle in Mie now. I emailed the people there, and they said we’re welcome. If nothing else, at least it seems safe. We’ll meet you there! We have just skirted around Kumano City. We wanted to go in to see if we could find you, but it just seemed too dangerous.

It’s on the way, so we thought we’d have a little look. As we drove into the city, we ran across a group of 5 or 6 of the infected running down the road. When they saw us coming in the opposite direction, they started sprinting full speed towards us. It was a narrow road, but I was able to turn the car around and speed off back the way we came before they reached us. I thought about ploughing right through them for a split second, but of course that would have been too dangerous.

After going back, we tried to come in a different road, but we ran into two more infected there. We couldn’t find any more ways into the city and it made me think that if the edges of the city are that dangerous, what’s it like inside? We just aren’t prepared for that at the moment. Ayako, Risa and I against any number of infected is just not good odds.

We did manage to find a small farmers road that dipped into the mountains and through a valley with a river running through it. It took us a lot longer than going through the city, but it was a lot safer. We’re on the other side now and back to the main roads. There are a lot of abandoned cars on the road northwards, so it’s been slow and cautious driving. It’s not too far to Iga from here, but it’s getting dark, so we’ll be spending one more night in the car before making the final push up to the castle.

I know it’s not very important, but last night while Risa was asleep on the back seat, and Ayako and I were in the front seats holding hands again. Before we went to sleep, we kissed a little. I know I shouldn’t kiss and tell, and I know it wasn’t even that long ago that she lost her husband, but in this world we’ve inherited, it’s hard to explain how important that human contact felt. At times it can be so lonely, and you can feel so removed from normal emotions. It was really nice to get a little of that back. We haven’t talked about our increased intimacy yet. It’s just something that seems to just happen naturally.

I’m going to go to sleep now. I’m nervously excited about getting to Iga, but still anxious given the bad luck we seem to bring with us everywhere we go. Alex, if you are reading this, please let me know that you’re okay and alive. I feel terrible that we couldn’t get into Kumano City to look for you, and I also feel terrible for leaving the power station after the tsunami. I always thought of myself as the kind of person who would swoop in to dangerous situations to help those in need. However, it turns out that I’m not a hero after all.


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