It is really hard to explain disappointed I felt as we trudged away from the castle and back to the car. I felt like crying from the disappointment, hunger and utter futility of our situation. After receiving so much kindness from people along the way, being turned away at the safety’s door was a shock to the system. I hadn’t realised how tight things were in the castle, and although I understand they need to look after the orphans, Risa is also a young child whose lost her father and needs food. At least Alex and the SDF guys are on their way here though. That’s the one saving grace at the moment.

img_3741We managed to find the station the guy had told us about. It was all locked up from the outside, with a shutter over the escalators, and the door inside was also pulled down. To the side of it, we found the fire exit and I punched in the code he had given me. There were stairs leading up to the platform and several shops, and another flight down into the basement. We decided to have a look upstairs first, but I wish we hadn’t.

After finding the shops stripped bare of anything we might need, we went to have a look at the train tracks. There we found the corpse of a man lying on a seat. It didn’t look like img_3770he had had a violent death, and apart from there smell, there was something calm about him. I’ve gotten so used to seeing bodies, but it still makes me sad to think how life can
just be cut off like that. Someone’s whole reality and all of their dreams and plans just disappearing into the ether. We went back the way we had come and took the stairs down to basement, where we had to use the key code to get into the bottom door.

It’s dark down here, but the double system of locked doors does make it safe. Using aa torch from the car the we walked around the small selection of shops. Al of the shops had been broken into and looted, but we did find a few vending machines that it seemed no one had thought to touch. I guess people get so used to seeing them that even in situations as dire as this, they don’t even notice them.

It took me a while with my limited toolkit and the echo from each hammer blow was worrying, but eventually I was able to smash the cover off the front and get to the hinges inside. It was quite tiring, but strangely cathartic. After almost an hour of smashing the machine I figured out how best to open it and we were finally able to pull lukewarm bottles of water, tea, coffee and fizzy drinks out, as well as some bags of chips and CalorieMate nutritional bars. We hadn’t really eaten much for a few days, and the only water we had had had been old and dirty. All thoughts of Iga castle and their dismissal of us went out the window, as we sat in the dark eating. After we ate, the three of us made a pile of clothes and pillows on the floor in one of the shops. I’m writing this on my phone, as we lye together. I’m about to fall as sleep though, so we’ll have to see what tomorrow holds for us.


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