So, I we walked up to the SDF and they greeted us. They looked a little weary. Shinoda walked up to us, but didn’t make eye contact.

“I’m sorry. He didn’t make it,” he told me in English.

“What?! Alex? What do you mean?”

He handed me a piece of paper and told me that he’d prepared a copy of the report in English for me. After reading it, I waked away holding the paper, sat against a tree and mindlessly started typing it up word for word to put here. It was easier than thinking about or trying to process the contents.



Lt. Shinoda, Keisuke

At approximately 0400 hours this morning, our patrol came into contact with hostile entities believed to have been diseased humans. During the attack, our patrol sustained two casualties: Pvt. Yamada and SSgt. Barnes, whose addition to the group is outlined in my previous report. The remaining seven in our group, myself included, retreated from the combat situation. We were unable to return to collect the remains of the fallen.

Pvt. Yamada, 23, was on guard duty at the entrance of the office building where we were staying for the night. The entrance was on the ground level and consisted of a reception desk and a single pair of locking metal and glass sliding doors. Pvt. Yamada was positioned behind the reception desk with a Type 64 assault rifle, approximately 40 rounds of ammunition, one Meal-Ready-to-Eat (MRE), one handheld torch (flashlight), and one handheld radio. Pvt. Yamada’s personal effects were left at Power Station: Shingu.

SSgt. Barnes, 31, was on guard duty on the rooftop of the same building – equivalant to the sixth floor. The roof consisted of a flat concrete surface with intermittent air conditioning units, satellite dishes, and other electrical boxes. The edge of the rooftop was lined with a retaining wall approximately a half-meter tall. SSgt. Barnes was equipped with a US-Issued M16 assault rifle, approximately 60 rounds of ammunition, one MRE, one flashlight, and one handheld radio. On his person, he is also believed to have been carrying  personal effects including a wallet, a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and a mobile phone.

Nearing 0400 hours this morning, Pvt. Yamada made a radio call regarding possible infected contact. SSgt. Barnes neglected to answer the radio immediately, prompting myself to answer the call and proceed to the northern face of the building to survey the area from the third-floor height advantage I held over Yamada. Upon viewing the street in front of the building, I confirmed the sighting of three infected who were slowly making their way towards our location. I hailed SSgt. Barnes on the radio for a second time. It appeared he had fallen asleep on guard duty. While I shouted through the radio for him to wake up it seemed that the infected humans on the street had heard his radio, which drew their attention to our building.

Sorry, I’ll type more later. I need a break. This is all doing my head in a bit…



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