I walked aimlessly around the castle walls, not talking to anyone. I just clutched the report in my hand, as the tears welled in my eyes. Nobody approached me, but I could tell they were watching me typing away on my cellphone while looking over at the report on the ground next to me.

Here’s the rest of the Combat Action Report…

The three individuals began shrieking horribly as they ran towards the front door. I ordered Pvt. Yamada and SSgt. Barnes to neutralize the targets at their discretion. SSgt. Barnes took the first shot, which landed on the skull of an infected male human. His corpse fell in the street. Pvt. Yamada held his fire, for fear of shattering the glass. SSgt. Barnes was unable to secure a vantage point to remove the two remaining targets. I ordered Yamada to open fire and eliminate the remaining targets. I then ordered the rest of our squad to their feet in preparation to move out.

During this time, a second group of infected humans emerged from numerous buildings surrounding our position. This group was much larger, consisting of approximately 20-25 infected. Pvt. Yamada dispatched the two original targets but was left mostly defenseless as the new targets closed in on his location. I ordered the squad to evacuate through the fire escape on the southern face of the building. SSgt. Barnes remained on the rooftop to cover our retreat. Pvt. Yamada remained at the northern entrace, also covering our escape.

The remaining seven of our squad exited down the stairs and secured the southern exit. Pvt. Uehara is credited with neutralizing two infected targets who had entered the building, thus saving the lives of the rest of us who followed him down the stairs. During the ensuing firefight, it is believed by all members of the squad that Pvt. Yamada suffered from temporary hearing loss due to the high volume of fire and restricted quarters he was fighting from. He was unable to hear our shouts or radio calls ordering him to fall back to the southern exit. He was positioned nearly 20 meters away from us and thus out of physical reach for us to grab him safely. We could only watch in horror as at least a dozen infected entered the building and attacked him in melee range.

We ordered SSgt. Barnes to evacuate as well, and we made a secured position to hold the stairwell until his exit. His reply came through the radio reporting sightings of “hundreds” of infected now in the streets just on the other side of the building and closing rapidly. Both of our vehicles were parked in the front of the building, leaving us only able to travel on foot. Escape seemed unlikely. SSgt. Barnes directed our movements from his vantage on the roof while maintaining covering fire for the squad. We would have surely perished had it not been for his direction, as we were able to confirm his estimated number of infected from afar during our retreat. His last radio transmission consisted of him explaining the remainder of our route. By this point, we were nearly 1 kilometer away from him. Shortly thereafter, the sound of his rifle firing could no longer be heard.


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