This morning we woke up early, took down the tents and readied the trucks. Just before daybreak we had everything packed up, and we’ll be heading to the port to find a boat that we can take to the island soon. Our car will follow the two white SDF trucks with their big blue tarpaulins. Nobody has any idea about what state the islands are in, but there doesn’t seem to be many other options. It’ll be sad to see the castle and the salvation it may have offered behind us. It would have been really cool to hang out in a Japanese castle, but to be fair, it does sound like they have their own problems with food and all that.

I’m glad to be back with the SDF, as even with the disarray they seem to be in, they’ll hopefully be able to bring us to safety, and maybe even completely out of all of this. At the very least, I’m sue they have better contacts that the people in Iga castle. If what they say is right, we’ll be heading towards a sizeable base on the island. Tomogashima is actually a group of four uninhabited islands back around the other side of the Kii peninsula. Tomogashima baseProbably the most interesting thing about it is that the Japanese army set up a base there in World War Two. All of those buildings, tunnels and places where the batteries were are still there, so you can walk around their overgrown ruins. Usually you have to take a ferry there from Kada, Wakayama, but it looks as though we’ll be finding a boat and taking it from Ise Bay.

It seems like they’ve set up a temporary hub for the SDF to run technical operations in the Kansai area, as well as Shikoku. Hiroshi, one of the quieter SDF guys told me that there hasn’t been any contact for a while, but that that was normal. There wasn’t supposed to be any contact if things were going well. Whatever happens though, an island does sound nice and hopefully a little safer than the mainland.

Alex is heavy on my mind. He would have really liked Tomogashima, and poking his head into the military history of the place. When I think about the report, I find myself imagining his final moments. The point where he ran out of bullets or became overwhelmed and stopped firing. What kind of person tore into his flesh to bring about his death? Did they know what they were doing, or were they too overwhelmed by the infection?

We’re about to head off now, and it looks as though Shinoda has gotten in touch with the the guys on the island after all. They can’t send a helicopter for a few days, but we’re welcome to come in by boat. It won’t take us that long to get there, as long as we can find an appropriate vessel, so we’ll push on with that idea. Sorry, I know it’s better a bit scattered. My brain is all over the place and there are too many things to get my head around.


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