Sleeping on the makeshift bed wasn’t as comfortable in the morning as when we fell asleep. It was great to get a decent amount of sleep, but everything is pretty stiff. A few people had come upstairs and had fallen asleep in the chapel during the night. One of the SDF, not sure what his name is had come halfway off his pew and his cheek was resting against the floor. I would say they got through quite a lot sake last night. img_3597

In the bathroom I noticed Tombo had a kind of hair wax called Cock Grease, so I had to take a picture.. I assume the makers did it deliberately, but it’s always hard to know with  products in Japan. The general policy seems to be the person in the office who has the best English write it, rather than someone who can speak English. Despite years of English education, the general ability is not dissimilar to people who haven’t studied at all.

Downstairs in the kitchen I found a kind of American snack called ‘Pop tarts’. I’ve seen them in movies before, but never actually tried them. They’re like two biscuits with jam or something in the middle and sugar on top that you put in the toaster for breakfast. I managed to burn a few of them for Ayako and Risa, but they didn’t mind too much. These ones had marshmallow and something like chocolate inside, which are called ‘S’mores’.

img_1640It took a while for everyone to emerge and get ready to move onto Tomogashima. I spent the time reading an English book I found to Risa, while sitting with Ayako. I also found an old minister’s robe, which we took turns trying on. It was quite a weird feeling at first, but I think I could do it.

It’s midday now and rest of the group are almost ready to hit the road. There’s definitely a few people who seem to have a feeling that if the government report is true, then it’s a time for celebration and not rushing off to Tomogashima. My feeling is that things are getting better, but we still need to be cautious. I know that everyone wants to embrace the relief and things are mostly likely getting better, but it was only yesterday that we had to put down two of the infected. Yes, they were tired and probably weren’t far from their natural death, but that doesn’t mean their not dangerous.

Tombo said he’d escort us to the port, but declined coming with us on the boat. Him and his partner are happy where they are, so we’ll be leaving our car with them and join the SDF in their truck. We’ll have to ditch it on the boat anyway, and it’s not technically ours anyway. Excited to be heading off. Risa seems the most excited though, as she’s never been on a boat. I hope she’s alright. Maybe she’s been through so much already that a little sea sickness shouldn’t shake here… I don’t know, but we’re heading off anyway. Finally!


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