We’re in back of the truck and on the way to the port at the moment. I’ve been trying to chat with some of the SDF guys a bit, but most of them still seem a bit hungover. I guess it was finally a chance for them to let their hair down, and work through a bit of built up stress and tension.

I was just mucking around on my phone and went to Facebook. It worked! It’s a bit slow, but I could actually log in. The site had been down or blocked or something for a while now, but it seems to work alright. I had a bunch of messages from all over the world. Sorry I couldn’t reply…

There was a message from Kei, the one that’s holed up in a karaoke building with a bunch of other people. He’d sent the message before Facebook went down, and I guess I must have missed it. It’s been a while since I heard from him, so it’s good to see he’s still alive or at least was at the time he messaged me.

The karaoke building was good in terms of keeping people out, and there was only one door into it on the bottom floor. They had spent a good deal of time hanging out in the dark building eating the snacks and cup noodles that had been there, as well as food scavenged early on. With no running water and electricity, it had become a pretty dismal place to be though. They had torches and made fires for cooking, but it doesn’t sound fun. After an attack on the building that killed several people, they had a vote and it was decided that they would block up the bottom entirely, so that no one could come in or out. If they needed to leave, they had a few ropes which they could dangle out the windows and then climb down. They also put bikes all around the bottom, so that if they had to leave in a hurry, they could get out and get moving quickly.

From the windows they had been able to watch people in the streets. They could see the infected roaming around like packs of hungry dogs. They would actually sniff the air and then dart off somewhere. He said that when he first got there, there were swarms of people. The numbers did start to drop off a bit though. The infected would often try to get into the karaoke building, but even with the determination that comes from not  feeling any pain, they couldn’t break through the first floor barriers. Kei said he found it a bit upsetting to watch people literally smashing their hands open trying to break down the doors. That kind of irrationality is scary.

He also said he found it quite claustrophobic. The dark, the smell, the constant bickering over nothing, and the overall feeling of helplessness. He’d messaged me before Facebook went down, but it seemed he was thinking about pulling a runner if the numbers outside kept dwindling. I wonder if he actually did or not. I sent him a late reply before writing this up. We’re still in the van on the way to Ise port.


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