Now that Facebook is up and running again, people seem to be in a lot more contact. It’s really nice to be able to see how people are getting on, and interesting to see how different people are embracing the end of this terrible event. I actually got an email from the people in the castle. They apologised for not letting us stay in the end, but said they were glad that things seem to be going well with us anyway. They hadn’t had enough food for quite a while, but after an unexpected find, they seem to be doing alright now. I’d asked them about the orphans, as I’ve been quite curious as to how their doing, but they weren’t mentioned in the email. I hope they’re doing alright. At the very least I’m sure they’re happy about the new food, and not just eating fried cup noodles.

In the email it was mentioned that some people are actually leaving the castle now to see what they can do to help rebuild Japan. They’re taking a few trucks out and some of them are hoping to move home or at least move back to whatever’s left of their home. The optimism seems to be spreading quickly, and I find it a little surprising how quickly everyone is able to accept move past everything that happened and move on. I’m still so suspicious of the official government line that everything is on the mend, so I’m quite cynical when I hear anything about it. At the same time though, I can understand the need to get out of the safe space and feel like you’re actually contributing to the solution, rather than just waiting for everything to get better. Is that what we’re doing..? Could we actually be helping, rather than just trailing around the boot heels of the Japanese Self Defence Force?

Tombo’s weirdly supped up bike is still riding up ahead, and Hiroshi tells me we’re almost at Ise. There’s been a lot of chatter about what’s going to happen next. It seems like the plan is to get us to Tomogashima to keep us safe for a week or two and give us a medical check up. After that we’ll have to head back to the mainland. I asked Hiroshi why they were allowing us to go with them now that everything has supposedly blown over. He doesn’t sound as confident as Shinoda that everything is fine now, but he said that the official line is Risa. If we were just a group of adults, they wouldn’t be helping us. The fact that we are traveling with a child justifies taking us under their protection.

Having said that, the unofficial reason is that they feel they owe Alex. They only knew him for a short time, but they grew close to him quickly. There was a type of mutual respect that I guess only army type people understand. Alex stayed behind and covered them while they were making their escape, so helping his friends is a way of thanking him.


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