On the outskirts of the town we have started to see a few people in the streets. They must have been hiding somewhere all of this time, and are tentatively emerging now. It’s surprising to see people on the streets again after spending so long trundling down empty streets or else finding the infected waiting for us. A few people waved as we drove through, and as we’ve taken the tarpaulins down, we were able to wave back. It’s getting quite hot here, but we even passed a group of people bent over in a field doing something. It’s hard to believe that people already feel this safe. Yes, things seem to be getting better, but there are definitely infected still out there and they are still dangerous. I mean, it was only yesterday outside the biker’s chapel that we bumped into two infected people and had to kill them.

As we were heading down on of the main streets we saw a group, which seemed to be picking up several scooters and packing them into a truck. When they saw our SDF trucks rolling up, they made pretty swift moves to pack things up and drive off. They didn’t even wave to us. I thought that maybe they just wanted to make sure they have something of value to get them back on their feet when things are all straightened out. Just so that they’re not starting from nothing. I hope that’s the case at least. It’s sad to think that there would be people that are taking advantage of everything solely for profit or out of greed… In my mind I make a separation between surviving and profiteering, but is that just me justifying my own actions? I’ve broken into houses and cars. I’ve looted and stolen. I’ve killed people. Where’s the line between what’s okay and what’s not? I guess it’ll be something to talk about when I eventually start going to counselling to deal with it all. I’m also curious as to how recent events might affect the Japanese mindset, as is always had a reputation for honesty and upholding the law. The citizens, not the government that is. Will Japan be able to retain those characteristics as it emerges from the aftermath of this infection?

Anyway, we drove through Ise and are heading towards Ujiyamada Port to see if we can borrow a boat. Hmmm… borrow… I might have to think about my choice of words. Is there any difference between people looting scooters and us borrowing a boat?  I think the answer is actually going to end up being ‘no’, so I might stop thinking about that for now. Almost at the port now! Everyone seems to be in a better mood after a big meal last night, and also I think everyone’s hangovers have subsided a bit more. Ayako and I have become more and more open about our closeness, and there is almost always some form of contact between us. Although we haven’t used those words directly, I think she might be my girlfriend. That’s pretty cool!



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