Tombo stuck around for a while, but he has just left now. He was a pretty nice guy overall, even if he was a little obnoxious from time to time. Actually, I don’t think I mean that. He’s a guy that wants to be different, which is fair enough. He draws inspiration for that point of difference from American culture on a superficial level. Each to their own. I was thinking about it, and I think the thing that gets on my nerves a bit is the cockiness. If he wasn’t so confident and cocky, I probably wouldn’t feel the same way. I wonder if in a weird way, I’m actually intimidated by him though. I’m not used to meeting people who are so cocksure. Since realizing that, I actually stopped caring about it. Of course, none of this matters at all. It’s just kind of interesting for me, and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot about myself. Thinking about my own way of thinking and motivations is quite interesting for me, as I’d never really done that before. I really think that this experience is preparing me for a future as a real adult. I’ve never felt like that was either possible or desirable before, but I think I might actually be growing up a little. Maybe my dad would say it’s been character building.. As cliche as it sounds, I think there’s definitely something to be said for overcoming challenges.

After wandering about the port for the past few hours, we’ve finally found a boat that has a key and looks like it will get us to the island. The guy who found it said there should be enough fuel and that it seems to be running. It’s got a reasonable sized cabin, and it seems as though quite a few people were taking refuge there before. Unfortunately those people’s bodies are still there, so we’ll need to clear them away. It shouldn’t be a problem, but there is a debate as to what to do with them all. Some people think that as we’re not in some urgent situation, we should be properly cremating them, while a few of the younger SDF guys just want to chuck them in the water and get a move on. I wonder what kind of psychological issues will arise in the future from having to think about things like this..? Anyway, it looks like we’re on the home stretch now. I’m watching from a distance, but it seems the cremation team has won and they’re getting ready to start a fire.  Just had a flashback to my neighbour in Hirogawa. I still remember the smell… Ughhhh.. That was really terrible.

I should probably help give them a hand with clearing out the bodies, as there’s already plenty of people making the fire. I think I might get away for a bit when they start the cremation though. I do t think I can handle that smell of burnt hair and flesh again right now. I’ll update the blog again from the island, as I think it’s probably best to put the cellphone down for a while now.


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