My name is Ayako. Nice to meet you. Charlie is my friend. Now, I am in Tomogashima. We are with the SDF. They are very nice. Charlie and Alex were very good men. They helped us a lot. We are very, very happy we could meet them.

I want to tell you what happened to Charlie. We got on the boat. There were many skinny bodies on the boat. We thought they were all dead. Charlie picked up a person. He was going to put the man in the sea, but the man started moving. Charlie put his arms under the man’s armpits and carried the man. The man did not move for a long time, but then he moved quickly. Before Charlie put the man in the sea, his head turned and he bit Charlie’s neck. Charlie fell over with the man on top. I could not do anything. A lot of blood came out of Charlie’s neck. The man ate some of the flesh, and bit Charlie again. I screamed and kicked the infected man, but he didn’t stop. Mr. Shinoda saw it and used his gun to shoot the man in the head. Charlie was bleeding a lot. If I close my eyes, I can see the blood. It was terrible. The SDF tried to cover the hole in Charlie’s neck to stop the blood. It was too much though. His face became very white. He couldn’t talk. Some blood was coming from his mouth.

To make sure the other bodies were really dead, the SDF people stabbed them. After that, we did not talk. The boat went to Tomogashima island. There is an army base here, and they looked after us. On the island, Charlie’s body was cremated. I have his ashes and I want to give them to his family. There are some SDF and some American army people. They were very nice to us, but it was very, very shocking for us. We don’t know anyone. First my husband was killed. After that Alex was killed. Now Charlie is dead. We are alive because of them and we appreciate them very, very much. My daughter is so sad. I don’t know what we will do, but I think we are safe now. They said that we need to wait for the sick people to die. Many have already died because they don’t have enough food. The meaning is that they can’t eat any more people. The people that are alive are safe now. Not so many people are alive, so the sick will die. Maybe we stay here for one month. After that, we can go back, but what should we do? I don’t have anything anymore. I only have Risa. It is too sad. I hope Japan will be good again soon. I want my daughter to be okay. It is too terrible for her.

* Charlie’s father here. I have edited this post a little to fix some of the grammar and help with readability. I have tried to retain her voice as much as possible. I will make a post myself, but we are naturally dealing with a lot right now.


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