Konnichiwa everyone,

It’s Charlie’s father here. I’ve put off posting myself for a while. We are stilling having difficult processing what happened to our son. Thank you very to everyone for kindness and support. It has been a difficult time for us, as it has for countless other families. I thought I’d take the liberty of writing a post or two here to update anyone still interested on a few things. Given the amount of time Charles spent blogging through the whole ordeal, I can safely say that it’s what he would have wanted.

It’s been a month since we heard from Ayako about our son’s passing. It’s difficult to express the rollercoaster ride of emotions the family has been through this year. Charles’ regular updates brought us both relief and filled us with anxiety. Always a quiet boy, it has been difficult imagining him in the sort of situations he found himself in. We were, however, very glad to be able to follow his actions and track his movements on the map. We feel it would have been a very different few months for us if we had not been able to see his regular updates. As bad as things got for, at least we were able to see that he was still alive and doing what he could to stay alive and support his friends. I cannot imagine what it would have been like for us if we had not had any word for him, and we were left wondering whether he was alive or not.  It was a stroke of luck that he chose to make his blog here, rather than many of the numerous other blog sites that had reduced access within Japan.

img_3821Since access to websites was reestablished, we were able to get in contact with Ayako and her daughter via Facebook. They are staying in a camp made from shipping containers temporarily, but we have extended an invitation to them to stay with us in New Zealand. I think they need to be with family now, and it doesn’t see like they have much or any family left. From what I understand there is little left for them in Japan, so we would like to do what we can for them in terms of living a normal life. Risa, in particular, at such a young age has gone through more than any primary school student should ever have to go through. Of course, we are also interested in hearing more from them about our son’s last few months. He was so far too young, and was right on the cusp of taking a real step into adulthood, and figuring about what life is all about to him. To think, he was so close to getting away from everything. We can’t believe that he was on the boat that would lead them to safety, but all it took was dropping his guard for one second. After what happened to Taro, I thought he might have been more cautious. Of course, we also feel displeased with the Self Defence Force who gave the all clear to start getting rid of the bodies, and also for putting a civilian in that kind of situation. I know that getting angry won’t help anything. I will finish this post off a little later.

Kind regards,



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