After finishing my BA in Art History in New Zealand, I was successfully able to move from part time cafe work to full time. Wellington is a fantastic place to make coffee, but I figured I best unroot myself before I get to comfortable and see a bit of the world.

As of last year, I’m an English teacher in the rural prefecture of Wakayama in Japan. I teach at a small primary school (elementary school), with a bunch of adorable kids.

I decided to start a blog to record my life here to save time emailing people and to show everyone how great Wakayama is. I was a bit late starting it though, so for all the good intentions, this  blog is about what life has been like since the travel ban. It’s hard to know what’s actually going on even I’m actually here, but hopefully the daily updates will help compliment the news that’s making the rounds. I don’t know many people, but my friend Alex, who lives up in Osaka is also filling me in on what’s happening in the city. Information is a little limited down here in Hirogawa sometimes.

Follow the blog or at least check back in daily to stay updated. From what I understand, it’s just limited to Japan at the moment, but this is big news that isn’t being reported on enough.

– Charlie